Don’t Bee Hasty with that Poison

Finding a beehive on your property isn’t a pleasant experience. If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you might be tempted to think of them as bad guys. You may even desire a permanent form of revenge. If you’re tempted to murder your assailant with a noxious spray, you should reconsider. Killing bees with poison can do serious damage to the entire ecosystem, and unlike your sting, the planet doesn’t heal easily.

When Bees Die, We All Get Stung

Besides making honey, bees pollinate countless numbers of food crops around the world. In fact, experts estimate that one-third of all the food humans consume relies on pollination by bees. Without our buzzy friends, modern agriculture would be in serious trouble. Even our flowers would suffer; 90% of them depend on pollination to survive. Since 1999, scientists have noted an alarming decline in bee populations due to a mysterious problem called colony collapse disorder. Although the cause isn’t completely understood, the widespread use of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals is a top suspect. Many of the pesticides used by homeowners also threaten bees. Even when they’re not used to kill bees directly, their use on pollen-producing plants can weaken bees’ resistance to disease. Environmental activists are taking the problem seriously. The concern has even prompted retailers like Lowe’s to stop selling products containing a specific class of chemicals called neonicotinoid pesticides, which are particularly harmful to bees.

Leave that Hive to the Experts

It may not seem like killing a few bees in your yard is a big deal, but pesticides can be accidentally spread to healthy hives, and this causes serious damage to our most important pollinators. Relocating your bees is the only humane and environmentally responsible solution. However, unless you are properly trained and have the right protective equipment, removing bees to a more suitable location is best left to professionals. If you think one sting is bad, imagine being covered in them.

Trust Burns Pest Elimination to Remove Bees Safely

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