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Bitten by Bed Bugs? Very Few Treatments Will Suffice

Bed bug.

The Facts About Phoenix and Tucson Area Infestations

Approximately 20% of U.S. households have experienced a bed bug infestation, and this highlights the importance of remaining alert and taking quick action if any of these pests do find their way into your home. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not limited to certain geographic or socioeconomic areas. Instead, they can take up residence in any house, regardless of its age or cleanliness. There are a number of ways that bed bugs could become introduced to your property, including picking them up while traveling or via used furniture. Either way, it’s imperative to have a firm understanding of the type of bed bug treatments that actually work versus those that are simply a waste of time and money. 

Do Natural Remedies Work?

It’s normal for people to be curious about natural remedies for pest problems due to often erroneous concerns about the type of chemicals that’ll be used in their home. The reality is that research strongly indicates that most natural bed bug treatments are completely ineffective, especially when it becomes necessary to treat an actual infestation.

Essential oils are often touted as a miracle cure for bed bugs, but a study that tested the impact of this treatment method on live bed bugs during a 10 day time period found that the majority of these products fail to kill even half of the pests that receive a direct spray. To make matters even worse, essential oils and other natural remedies are less effective when you are unable to directly spray bed bugs. In other words, they won’t be able to prevent an infestation. Instead, you’ll simply end up wasting time, money and energy on a product that’ll barely make a dent on the total amount of bed bugs that have become illegal occupants in your home.

What Methods Actually Work?

Bed bugs are insidious creatures, and the presence of just one of them can quickly lead to hundreds. It’s never a good idea to ignore even the slightest possibility that these pests have entered your house. A professional pest control company can assess the situation and recommend the most effective option. Your treatment options include a combination of integrated pest management and thermal remediation. It’s possible to treat bed bugs effectively in the beginning stages with an integrated program, but any advanced level of infestation will be best dealt with by utilizing heat. One of the perks of thermal remediation is the fact that it’s able to completely eliminate every bed bug within the treatment area, regardless of its particular life stage. Additionally, thermal remediation makes it possible to avoid using pesticides, and you’ll be able to reoccupy the treated area very shortly after the process has been completed.

Burns Pest Elimination treats bed bugs year-round throughout Phoenix and Tucson. If you think that your home is infested with bed bugs, you can speak with a pest control expert by visiting giving us a call or requesting a free quote.