Bird-Brained Nest Construction and Other Avian Issues

Birds represent a stunningly diverse, ever-entertaining piece of our natural environment. It can be soothing and engaging to watch birds play at a feeder or roost in our neighborhoods. At the same time, many species of birds, including pigeons, have been recognized as pests that can cause serious damage to our homes and properties. There’s no shame in wanting to control and remove these unwanted intruders.

Where Do Birds Build Nests?

In Arizona, birds build nests or establish roosts in whatever natural shelter they can find. Depending on the species, you might find bird nests in cacti, shrubs, rock shelters, neighborhood trees and even underground burrows.

As the population of central and southern Arizona continues to grow, however, more and more birds are establishing homes in and around human habitations. Some of the most common nesting areas for birds include:

  • The eaves above an entrance or window
  • Rain gutters and siding
  • Porch and garage roofs
  • Ventilation systems and chimneys

Some small birds can even enter the home or garage through wall cracks and open windows. Once inside, they may establish permanent nests or forage for food, which can present serious problems for pet owners and people with small children.

Common Property Problems Caused by Birds

  • Excessive droppings from colonial birds like pigeons and sparrows
  • Roof damage from burrowing and nest-building
  • Parasites in pets who interact with droppings
  • Damage to outdoor furniture, wood finishes and paint
  • Blocked vents caused by waste or nesting materials
  • Fires caused by dry nesting materials

How Can You Mitigate the Situation?

Fortunately, it’s possible to deter birds from nesting on your property. To prevent birds from roosting on a particular outdoor surface, consider installing bird spikes that make it painful for them to land. Deterrents like balloons may scare away certain species as well. You can also use non-toxic bird repellents to “bird-proof” your property without hurting your pets. In larger or partially open indoor spaces, bird netting may be a good choice.

Find Bird Control and Bird Removal Services in Tucson and Phoenix

Are you ready to do something about those pesky birds on your property? You shouldn’t wait until you’re at your wits’ end to address the situation and put these avian pests in their place. If you need some guidance as you go about this task, Burns Pest Elimination is happy to help in any way we can. Visit our website at http://www.burnspestelimination.com/.