Is Your Bed Bug Exterminator an Expert?

Bed Bug on stick.
Not all pest control companies are created equal. Some that claim to be experts in bed bug elimination are really scam artists looking for ways to increase their income at the expense of unsuspecting homeowners. If you’re in need of reliable bed bug control, ask these questions to avoid getting ripped off.

Are All Technicians Licensed?

The term “licensed” sounds legitimate, but some pest control companies only have one truly licensed technician on hand. They’ll send this person out to perform initial inspections but have an unlicensed employee handle the extermination. Ask to see the licenses of every pest control specialist that comes to your house. Verify that their credentials are genuine before allowing them to do any work, and make sure that the products they’re using are safe.

Do Free Inspections Have a Catch?

If someone shows up at your door claiming to be from a local pest control company and offering a free inspection, your best bet is to send them away. This “inspection” is probably the setup for a long con based on fabricated pest problems. What appears to be a free service may wind up costing you much more than what a legitimate pest control company would charge.

Is a Heat Treatment Hot Enough?

Heat remediation is an effective method of bed bug control that works by heating your home to 140 degrees and sustaining the temperature for several hours. However, the treatment only works when done properly by trained professionals. Don’t let a supposed expert convince you that the same results can be obtained with a few space heaters. Trying to kill bed bugs this way could actually be dangerous if the “professional” attempts to use propane heaters, which pose serious hazards when operated indoors.

Is a Contract Really Necessary?

One heat treatment or application of chemicals should be enough to get rid of your bed bug problem, but fraudulent pest control companies may attempt to convince you that you need a year-long program with monthly treatments. The contracts proposed for these programs often have built-in “auto renewal” clauses that lock you into another year if the company decides that you’re still dealing with a pest problem.

The professionals at Burns Pest Elimination use K9 bed bug inspectors to “sniff out” bed bugs before employing integrated pest management and thermal remediation techniques to ensure complete elimination. For more information, call us today or request service below. Serving the Phoenix and Tucson areas with dependable pest control services, Burns Pest Elimination banishes bed bugs so that you can rest easy every night.

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