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Not All Bugs Are Bad? Beneficial Bugs of Maricopa County


Some bugs would be hard to live without

With so many annoying and creepy pests to avoid, it’s easy to forget about insects that help humans. Beneficial bugs pollinate edible plants and kill or eat various pests. Every day, they help protect our homes, gardens, and farmland. You can find at least seven beneficial insects in Maricopa County.


This soft, pale bug often flies to outdoor lightsources at night. To identify it, look for an insect with six legs and four wings. Lacewing larvae benefit humans by eating numerous mites, aphids and whiteflies. Some adults also consume small pests.


The dragonfly is another attractive flying insect that eats unwanted bugs. It rapidly intercepts flies, mosquitoes and gnats. The smaller damselfly engages in similar behavior. A report from the U.S. Geological Survey reveals that 13 species of dragonflies and damselflies live in Maricopa County.


This friendly winged insect appears slightly different in every region. These beetles and their larvae protect plants by devouring countless aphids each day. However, they can only accomplish this if gardeners and farmers avoid using excessive amounts of pesticide.

Crane Fly

If you see a bug that looks like a gigantic mosquito, don’t worry. It’s probably a harmless crane fly. This insect becomes easier to find after a rainy winter, according to the Arizona Republic. The crane fly helps people by pollinating plants. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t eat mosquitoes.

Praying Mantis

This bizarre insect may not seem all that friendly, especially when you learn about its cannibalistic behavior. Nonetheless, the praying mantis benefits gardeners by stealthily attacking other insects. Mother Earth News reports that this predator will eat almost any bug. It rarely bites people, but we don’t recommend touching it.


Butterflies aren’t just beautiful—they’re beneficial, too. Butterflies help sustain healthy ecosystems and assist in pollination. When they congregate, it can signify that the particular environment is balanced and healthy. Butterflies are even used by ecologists to gather information about migration, habitat loss, and climate change.

It’s vital to avoid actions that harm these insects, because they provide us with tremendously valuable benefits. Nonetheless, beneficial bugs can’t solve every pest problem. If you face a major infestation, Burns Pest Elimination can help. We quickly perform all types of pest control at affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more.