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Are You Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Termites?


The things you’re doing to attract unwanted pests

Have you ever wondered why termites love wood? It’s because they eat the cellulose, so to them, anything wooden is like a buffet just waiting to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, the source of that buffet could be the structure of your house if you’re making these pest control mistakes.

Wood Pile Woes

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to stack firewood next to the house. After all, it’s convenient to not have to walk far when you need an armload of wood. Shrubs and climbing plants are also popular adornments as they add beauty to the landscape. However, both of these practices put wood in direct contact with your house, a big mistake if you’re trying to keep termites away. Eliminating all wood-to-ground contact discourages these pests. Moving the wood pile and planting your favorite bushes somewhere else is a small price to pay to protect your home as a whole.

Water Worries

Standing water or any other constant source of moisture near the foundation of your home is an invitation for termites. They like dampness and will congregate around areas where faucets or water pipes leak or seek out wet crawlspaces to hide in. Once they’re inside, termites have direct access to any and all wooden components of your home and won’t hesitate to take up permanent residence.

Much Ado About Mulch

Overdoing it with mulch of any kind encourages moisture retention. Since this is the opposite of what you want when trying to control termites, it’s important to use mulch in your landscaping as sparingly as possible and avoid spreading it anywhere near your home’s foundation. It doesn’t matter whether the mulch is made of wood or not; it’s the warmth and wet that the termites are looking for.

Foundation Frustrations

Even when the foundation isn’t damp, termites can still get inside if there are cracks to crawl through. Though it’s a common misconception that these tiny white critters can chew through concrete, it doesn’t take a very big opening for them to enter and their habit of building dirt tunnels can easily widen existing spaces. The only way to keep them out is to inspect the foundation and fill in gaps.

Even when you correct these problems, termites could already be munching their way through your home’s structure. The technicians at Burns Pest Elimination are trained to identify termite infestations, pinpoint the sources and get rid of the problem using effective elimination strategies. Request a free estimate for your Phoenix or Tucson area home so you can start living pest-free.