Are the Ants Marching One by One Through Your Kitchen?

Get them out, and don’t forget to say “hurrah”

While ants are far from the most dangerous pests that might infest your home, they’re still a nuisance, one you’re better off without. If ants are moving into your kitchen, streaming under doors and swarming in cabinets, you’ll need to take steps to get them out. Here’s how to seal your house against ant invasions and eliminate those that have already made it in.

Remember, deterrence is the key to keeping pests of any sort out of your home. If the house doesn’t look like a prime ant destination, then ants will steer clear. Start by sealing off the tiny gaps ants can use as entryways, using caulk to fill spaces around your doors and windows along with any cracks in the walls. In addition to keeping out ants and other pests, closing off those gaps will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Of course, there are some entrances that you just can’t seal, but there are still ways to make them undesirable. Try spreading salt under doors and windows; it tends to deter ants without harming pets or children. For severe ant problems, you can try stronger deterrent substances such as talc, but pay close attention to the potential health risks.

Another option is to apply scents that ants find disagreeable, such as vinegar, peppermint oil, bay leaves or black pepper. Again, just be conscious of the effect those substances might have on pets or kids in the home.

Finally, you’ll need to make your home as unattractive to ants as possible by eliminating potential food sources. It’s worth your while to store your food in airtight containers, which will keep ants out and make it easier to dispose of any pests that may have hitched a ride inside food items. Regularly spray and wipe down surfaces in your kitchen and dining room, and don’t fall behind on general home cleaning. Don’t leave dirty dishes or standing water in your sink; they’re as good as a full-course meal to ants. If you have pets, try putting each food bowl in a slightly larger bowl full of water in order to create a “moat” that ants cannot cross.

Despite these preventive measures, ants might sneak inside your home after all. If you have a serious ant problem that proves too much for simple DIY treatments, it’s time to seek professional help. At Burns Pest Elimination, our pest control experts have the knowledge and tools needed to rid Phoenix and Tucson homes of even the most problematic infestations. Visit our website at