Summer is when you enjoy the great outdoors, soak up the sun and float in the pool. Unfortunately, while you’re out having a blast, roaches may be sneaking into your home to throw their own summer parties inside your pantry or under your sink. If it seems like you get more unwanted visits from roaches when it’s warm, it’s not all in your head. They love summer activities too. While you’re enjoying the outdoors, they’re taking advantage of your comfy, climate-controlled residence and its store of roach-friendly goodies like food crumbs, pet food, leaky pipes and paper products.

Why Do Cockroaches Love Warm Weather?

For roaches, summer is the season of love. They breed in the warmer months, and higher temperatures help their offspring thrive. When it’s hot, their metabolism increases and they develop faster. Despite their excessive numbers in summer, roaches aren’t sun-worshipers. In fact, they like it dark. While many species primarily live outdoors and hide during the day, they’ll happily venture out to find food and water at night. Roaches are more likely to roam on warm nights than cool ones. It’s not unusual to find them in swimming pools, along retaining walls and in other damp spots. In dry climates, it’s more difficult for them to locate water, which they need to survive. Their hunt for moisture often leads them into your house, where you’ll see them hiding under sinks and in basements.

How Do Roaches Get Inside?

Roaches hunting a summer home can get in through tiny gaps around pipes, doors, windows and other discreet spaces. Even large adult roaches can squeeze through very narrow openings. They can also stow away inside boxes, grocery bags, suitcases or new furniture.

What Can I Do to Keep Summer Roaches Away?

While it’s true that roaches are especially delighted to stumble upon a dirty, unkempt home full of residual food, even a perfectly clean home can become a roach bed-and-breakfast. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your appeal to house-hunting bugs.

  • Clean your house from top to bottom to remove potential food and shelter sources.
  • Control household moisture. Fix leaks and condensation problems. Eliminate standing water. Look for signs of mold and mildew, as these usually occur in damp areas.
  • Promptly remove trash from your kitchens and bathrooms, and store outdoor trash bins away from your house.
  • Store all foods in sealed containers, including dry pet foods.
  • Never allow food spills or crumbs to remain on countertops.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • If your roach problem gets out of control, call for professional help.

When It’s Time for Professional Intervention, Trust Burns Pest Elimination

If the combination of Arizona’s dry climate and summer heat is causing roaches to make your house their vacation home, Burns knows how to evict them. Our Phoenix and Tucson pest control specialists can identify the type of roaches you’re seeing and get rid of them using a comprehensive, intuitive and cost-effective treatment plan. Don’t let cockroaches ruin your summer fun. To schedule an inspection or learn more about our services give us a call or request a quote below.