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Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant

This species of ant is brown and known for its ability to form super colonies, which can span distances up to 3700 miles. They originated in South America but have recently been found in other countries, including the United States. This is concerning because of how invasive the species can be. They don’t bite humans, but they can kill off other species of insects and throw entire ecosystems out of balance. If you think you might have Argentine Ants on your property, contact Burns Pest Elimination right away.

Argentine Ants build massive colonies that have been known to stretch upwards of 3500 miles wide and contain hundreds of queens, making estimating the number of individual ants incalculably high. They often build nests in moist soil, under rocks, next to or under buildings, along sidewalks, under logs, etc. They are omnivorous, but tend to prefer sweet foods. The most visible sign of argentine ants are their foraging trails that can be observed in areas they nest such as traveling up trees, buildings, and into homes. These ants are unique due to the fact that their queens are mobile and may travel outside the nest, unlike other ant species whose queens remain in the nest for life. This mobility enables the queen to establish nests in other areas and rapidly move from one area to the next if the conditions become inhospitable. With queens capable of laying 60 eggs per day, and hundreds of queens per colony, you can see how quickly argentine ants can get out of hand.

If you suspect you have an argentine ant problem, call us today! We will come out and inspect your home, identify any points of entry, and treat your home and yard.

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